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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 20- The beginning of our project

Today in reading we filled in our Sentence chart with some examples of the different types of sentences. I was impressed with how much the students remembered from yesterday. They might not have remembered the "technical" words for the sentences, like statement and command, but they remembered the type of punctuation it needed. The kids really got in to giving examples! Maybe it was the tickets I was giving out.

After carpet time, I introduced the kids to a wonderful teaching tool: Schoolhouse Rock! Please tell me you remember Schoolhouse Rock! I lived for it when I was younger. To this day, I can still sing the Preamble to the Constitution.
Well, today we watched the song on Interjections. I explained that Interjections were just like Exclamations! We had fun watching the video and finding all the different interjections. If you want to see it, check it out here!
Have fun watching it and counting how many times a "!" was used!

In science we started our Living Things Lapbooks! I showed the kids an example of a lapbook on the 1+1+1=1 blog. They were impressed and decided that they too can make a lapbook! We decided to take our parts of a flower papers to start our projects. We pasted them to the Plants side of our Living Thing Lapbook, and went on to make a mini book for the Animals side.
 We used the information from our Animals Chart to fill in our picture vocabulary mini books.
 Mammals:Give birth to live young (babies), have hair of fur on their bodies, and are warm blooded.

 Reptiles: lay eggs, have scales*, live on land, are cold blooded, and some have claws that are used to dig and climb. (notice I said some. The kids and I talked in great detail about how snakes are reptiles but don't have claws.) *Did you know that some reptiles use their scales like a camel uses its hump? Their scales are used to hold water to keep the reptile cool.
Amphibians: Lay eggs (their eggs aren't as hard as a reptile's. We made frog eggs for our picture) live in or near the water, have smooth skin*, and are cold blooded. * Since amphibians don't have scales, they have to live in or near water in order to keep their skin moist.
As of right now, this is what our lapbooks look like.
In the future, I'll let the kids put their mini books where they want. But with this being our first attempt, I wanted everyone to follow the same pattern. Tomorrow we will be adding a "What living things need" mini book. Excitement!
The kids were very impressed with their work this far. I think you'll be impressed with their projects once we finish them!

Tomorrow we are having our first school-wide Cub Cash event in the gym. It's a Teachers Fashion Show and it costs $15 Cub Cash and good behavior. If we're lucky, we'll be getting some good videos!

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