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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 144- The bigger the number, the smaller the slice

It really is a hard concept to grasp, especially if you're 6 years old.

Today we started fractions in math. I totally forgot to take pictures of the illustrations I used in class, so I'll try to explain as much as I can.
We started with a whole sheet of paper, it was labeled 1 Whole. The we took another piece of paper and cut it in two pieces and labeled each piece 1/2  or one half. We talked about how many halves are in one whole, and how each piece was 1 out of two pieces total.
Then we took another piece and cut it into 4 pieces and labeled each piece 1/4 or one fourth. We had a structured math talk about which pieces fit on the other pieces (equivalent fractions) and how easy this lesson was.

Well, it was easy until I asked this question:
Me: Which number is bigger, 4 or 2?
Students: 4!
Me: So, which fraction is bigger 1/2 or 1/4?
(Yes, it was a trick question! I totally wanted to mess with their brains! But, I did hold up the different fractions to see if they would pay attention.)
Students: 1/4!
One student: No! Look! That one piece is bigger!

Me: Which piece?
Student: The half piece. It's bigger.
Me: So, if this was a pizza and you were really hungry, which one would you want to eat? One half or one fourth?
Student: Half. 

It was a little hard for them to 'see' pizza slices when we were using rectangular pieces of paper. So, we cut their tables into pizza slices. (I winged it, so the slices are not perfect)

One half

One third

One fourth

One sixth

one eighth

We walked around the room to look at the tables and I asked them what they noticed. Most of my students noticed that the pieces got smaller, but only 2 students grasped the concept that the size of the slice depended on the number of slices.
The bigger the number (the denominator) the smaller the slice!
8 is bigger than 2, but if you're splitting a pizza between 2 people you'll get a bigger slice than if you split it between 8.

I think my students are going to have a good time with this unit, and I foresee us doing lots of things hands-on, not necessarily using the worksheets the text provides. :)

Literacy center pictures:

 Story Map- I loved his illustrations that matched his story summary!

Word Wall

I had to leave early today to take my son to a doctor appointment, so my students were split the last hour of the day.
** PICTURE DAY TOMORROW!! Students can come out of uniform ONLY if they are having their individual pictures made. Money for the picture packages are due tomorrow.**

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