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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1- Rules and Regulations

We made it through the first day! I have 16 wonderful soldiers who came ready to work and learn!. I got some pictures of the classroom before the students arrived...

Our Calendar/ Math center. This is where we cover calendar skills, weather, money, and place value. We will add more skills as the year goes on.

 This is our classroom "Book Store". We did not go over its significance yet, but the kids will be able to "buy" my books each week with Good Behavior Points that they will earn in small group reading. We won't have reading groups for a while, since we have to test to see what level the kids are on. For now, the students get to look at it and dream. :)

Empty classroom. Just 8 minutes before school starts. Peaceful, huh?

Classroom library. Separated by book title. The bins aren't in ABC order since I was just trying to get them on the shelves.

Now, I know you're wondering... how was the first day? I think it was a success! They came in and had morning work on their tables. They had to write their name and draw a picture of themselves. I had some students that wrote a sentence too!
We came together to the carpets by the library and came up with our class rules. I explained that teachers have 3 rules that they have to follow, and the kids had to come up with rules for them that would help their teacher. This is what they decided...

I will say, when we covered the one that says: General Delk must Protect her soldiers; the kids' minds went straight to the tornadoes that we had this past spring. They were very focused on getting our class to a safe place!

After lunch we came back to the carpet to do our Calendar time. I was happily surprised to find that they already knew the Money, Days of the Week and Months of the Year songs! Here they are impressing General Delk...

I told them to not look at the camera because I didn't want their parents to think they weren't paying attention. I have a feeling they are going to become accustomed to the camera very soon.

Over all, today we talked about classroom and school expectations, read a book and did an activity (pictures tomorrow, I hope) did our calendar, filled in a 1-100 number grid, practiced writing and illustrating, and practiced independent reading time. I decided they had done so well, they deserved to "learn independently" with the learning manipulatives for 20 min at the end of the day.

Awesome job, Soldiers!

And, as you can see, our Daily Brain is full. We'll start bright and early tomorrow!

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