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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 15- It was fun while it lasted

It seems only fitting that after a wonderful day yesterday that we come back down to earth today. I guess we decided to have a typical "Monday" today instead of yesterday.

In reading we used a fictional text to practice our questioning skills. I chose The Frog Prince Continued because it is one of my favorite books to read aloud. It has great characters and the kids can see that stories don't always end with Happily Ever After.
After reading, I introduced the 5 Finger Retell strategy. I was pleased to see that many  of my kids were already familiar with it. 
In the 5 Finger Retell, the thumb represents "Who". I tell my kids to remember the Where is Thumb-kin song. Thumb-kin is a character- so we look at characters for our thumb!
Pointer finger- we use our pointer to show someone where to go. So, the pointer finger represents "where"; the story's setting.
Middle finger- the kids went crazy over this finger. I explained that, yes, this was not a good finger to show off to others. The middle finger represents the "Problem" in the story- because it would be a problem if a student was showing it off!
Ring finger- the ring finger is a special finger. It gets to be decorated and decorations make people happy! So, the ring finger represents the "Solution"; how the problem gets solved.
Pinkie finger- that's the "End"! There are no more fingers, so the pinkie tells the end of the story.

So, using the 5 Finger Retell, and our question words, we retold the story and charted it.

Skipping straight to science- we worked on plants again. We started by reading The Tiny Seed as a class on the carpet. Seed is one of our vocabulary words for this chapter. After we read the book we discussed the different things that a seed might turn into. From there we went to our seats to do a vocabulary preview.

 I made a fabulous power point to introduce our science vocabulary for this chapter. Some of the vocabulary words are parts of the pant, which we updated today. 

I wish I could download the power point to this site, but I have no idea how it would be done. I can give you the vocabulary words:
Cone- the part of the pine tree where seeds grow
Flower- the part of the plant that makes the seeds
Leaves- parts of the plant that make food for the plant
Life Cycle- the order of changes that happen in the lifetime of a living thing. 
*My students know that all living things do 4 things in their lives: 1. Grow 2. Change 3. Reproduce 4. Die 
It sounds simplistic, but the kids can understand it!
Roots- parts of the plant that take in water form the ground
Seed- the part of the plant that has a new plant inside it
Seedling- a young plant
Spines- sharp points on a cactus
Stem- part of the plant that connects the roots to the other plants

* Home connection- make flash cards with the vocabulary words! I "quiz" the kids over the terms every day before we start the new lesson. The more they know, the more tickets they can earn!
Also, have the kids go outside and see how many examples of the vocabulary words they can find.

I'm thinking a nature walk might be necessary tomorrow or Thursday to see if we can collect any vocabulary words.

Our Daily Brain

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