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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 87- The Power of Bieber

Yes, as in Justin Bieber. To fully appreciate this post you might want to listen to this song since it pertains to our science lesson.
I have to admit, I had not actually listened to one of his songs before, but one of my students last year was IN LOVE with him, so I knew of this song before I had actually heard it. While it doesn't cover the whole of the science lesson, the chorus covers the main point of science in general- Never Say Never.

Our science topic for the next 3 weeks is Matter. Since my students are between the ages of 6 and 7, we are sticking to the 3 main types of Matter: solids, liquids, and gases.

Yesterday we watched a BrainPop Jr. video in matter then started filling out a chart. Today we went over the chart again and talked about where we would find matter and what we can do with it.

As it turns out, my students didn't think we could do too much. They were under the impression that the 3 types of matter were NEVER to combine in any way. Well, I have learned in my many, many years on this Earth, that one should try to avoid speaking in absolutes.
I had to teach my class to Never Say Never.
We needed a science experiment.

This is one of those times where I'm glad that my fellow teachers have my back. I already had a Diet Dr.Pepper bottle from lunch, so I filled it up with water. All I needed was a solid to add to the liquid.

Thank you, Ms. Rife! Now we had a solid, that when added to the liquid, would create a tasty beverage. But first, I had to tie my students' brains in knots.

Me- What is on my bottle?
Student- Water
Me- And is water a solid, liquid, or gas?
Student- A liquid
Me- Now what about this pouch of tea? What type of matter are the tea granules?
Student- Solids!
Me- So, how am I supposed to make this tea?
All the kids- Pour it in the water!
Me- But you said that I wasn't allowed to combine the different types of matter! You said it never happens!
* looks of shock and deep thinking*
Student- I didn't say that Mrs. Delk! You can mix them!
All the kids- Yeah, Mrs. Delk. You can mix them!

So, I did. We watched as the granules slowly sank to the bottom and the water began to change color. Then we watched as I shook the bottle and the granules disappeared!

As it turns out, Mr. Russell's class also did a science experiment, but we are going to save it for next week! Something to look forward to!

After updating the chart (which I forgot to get a picture of) we combined science with art and created individual My Favorite Solids collages.My students cut pictures out of some of those teachers' materials magazines that show up in our mailboxes from time to time. The directions were to find pictures of solids, cut them out, and paste them onto their papers. It wasn't as easy as is sounds.

A few students had papers that looked like this one.

Very colorful and fun looking, but I want you to look closer.
Now, let's play a game. Sing this with me!
One of these things is not like the other!
One of these things doesn't belong!
One of the pictures on this page does not match the rest of the pictures! The first student to tell me which picture doesn't belong on this page gets a prize! This is also a good way to see who checks the blog!

(On the off chance that one of my CHES teachers is checking the blog and comes across this post- if you can spot the thing that doesn't belong, and you LEAVE  COMMENT telling me why, I'll find you a prize too!)

I know you're thinking that my students had one heck of a day today, and believe me, you don't know the half of it! Unfortunately, I left the camera with the video of our other activity at school, and I'm writing this post at home. I fully plan on writing a special post tomorrow to let you in on the AWESOME activity my students participated in today. Here's a hint- it involved latex gloves. (now I have your attention!) Tune in tomorrow!

Here are the literacy center pictures for the day!

 Buddy reading/ story map

 Poetry/ Fluency

 Picnic basket/ Alphabet soup

Spelling texters/ Word Wall

I asked Ms. Leahy if I could share her directions for the different centers and she agreed. (Because she's cool like that!) If you would like to be able to print off a copy of the directions, you can click {HERE}. She wants me to point out that she did not come up with all of the activities herself. Some of them came from the Internet and Pinterest. But she did take the time to type everything up, so Thank You!

Our Daily Brain

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