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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 91- Some like it Hot

This was the title for our science experiment!

For 3 weeks we will be studying the different forms of matter. Last week was the introduction and a focus on solids. This week we are looking more into liquids. We learned last week that water is made of tiny molecules and that those molecules are always moving.

Water Molecule- H2O. Hydrogen and oxygen

We watched a BrainPop video on the subject, but since my one week free trial is over, we couldn't watch it again to refresh everyone's memories. Basically, the video taught that, while water molecules are always moving, the rate at which they move depends on the temperature of the water. What better way to test this than to do an experiment?

I have to thank Mr. Russell for telling me about this experiment. He did it last week with his class and they loved it!
For this experiment we had 2 glass jars, both filled with water. One jar held hot water (warmed in the microwave) and the other held cold water (with ice cubes in it). As a class, we watched as I added food coloring and we discussed what we saw the water do.

Since I know my students are going to go home and talk all about what we did, I recreated the experiment after school and took video so you at home could share in the fun!

Hot water video
Notice how the food coloring moves quickly and spreads to fill the jar. This is because hot water molecules move quickly, so the color spreads quickly. 

The color spread as it fell, so the top water in the jar colored before the water in the bottom.

Cold water video
Notice how the food coloring sinks straight to the bottom. That is because the coloring is denser (heavier) than the water, so it sinks. Since the water is cold, the molecules don't move as quickly, this is why the food coloring doesn't spread as it sinks.

In class it looked cooler. But, you can see the path the food coloring took as it sank. The coloring spread out on the bottom after it hit.

Here is the chart we made!!

We did one test with room temperature water, but it was not impressive enough to redo on video. Fun stuff, huh?

We are also studying verbs this week! First we listened to this great little song! (click HERE!)

Found this video! I laughed so hard! I must share it with the kids tomorrow!

After listening to the song, we created a Super Hero! Action Man!

Just imagine him with an awesome outfit and a cape!

Oh, what a fun day!
Our Daily Brain

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