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Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 118- Part 1

This post is going to be short and sweet since I have 2 more that are a little more interesting. :)

Today started as your typical, average Friday:
One of our first grade teachers was sick and no sub was available, so we split her class.
A student from another class was unable to remain in his room, so he was relocated to my room.
Our related arts time this afternoon was to be replaced with our Black History Program, (it will be in a separate post) so...
our related arts time was rescheduled to be with Kindergarten at 9:05. The related arts block was when each grade was to attend the Cub Cash Dance, so it was imperative that our students get their time!

But have no fear! Even with 4 extra kids, a school dance, and a Program at the end of the day, we managed to be productive!

We took our spelling test during small groups. This allows for each students to receive any accommodations he/ she might require.

Math test on time. We reviewed first, then tested. After the test, we had just enough time for a quick game of Around-the-World.

Lunch and recess

Read the book:

Next week is Read Across America week and Dr. Seuss is the featured author! At the Hills, the classes are having a door decorating contest. The class with the best door wins a birthday party for Dr. Seuss! Our door is decorated to match this story. I'll get a picture when it's completed!

We did an activity after reading the book, which lasted until it was time for.....GREEK MYTHOLOGY! This activity is also going to be in a separate post. I know you're excited!

After Greek Mythology, we came back to the room, talked about what we remembered from our previous lessons on Greek Mythology, packed up, and got ready for the Black History Program.

After the program, we went home!


Here is the picture I got at the dance. To go to the dance, the cost was $50 Cub Cash. To get  picture was an extra $25. Mrs. Godbout took official pictures, and students will get a copy when they get printed!

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